Friday, 10 June 2016


जी हाँ आज अंग्रेजी में , पर यकीन मानिये मज़ा उतना ही आएगा 

 Adulthood  -If i tell you frankly seems one ride that have got included in your ticket to the amusement park that this world is. The one ride you know you are going to take. You hear opinions about the ride from people who took it. U see them having fun while they’re on it. Sure its scary as fuck but you know that you gotta go in there and take that ride. The one ride that will change it all. The one ride that makes this ride worth its while.

Adulthood is when you shape your decisions.. you learn about feelings, about life. It’s time you find meanings. It when you start to make sense and you form perspective. Each day each hour that you pass as an adult is a matter of concern for you for people around you. Before you even begin to understand you’re under stress of a lot of things. You’re under pressure. This is how all of this works. You begin to understand the value of family. The joy of having a meal together and how rapidly change changes you... its interesting to understand the concepts of opinions and disagreements that come bundled with adulthood. You are not only expected to behave in a certain manner you are also entitled to justify your actions. Life offers a great deal of hardships to you in adulthood and everyone designs a way of dealing with them. Adulthood is what makes you understand that not everything is fun & games. In this stage of life people do get hurt by your words and action and you get hurt too. It is the time you start looking at things more deeply and more closely. Its the time your friends influence you and their success and failure affects you motivates you or deteriorates you.

Not every moment is this heavy you get to have fun a lot of fun.. with your wife with your kids with family but most of it is hard work perseverance consistent effort and endless thoughts and dilemmas and the work that goes into making choices that you make in order to satisfy people that matter to you. To maintain a sense of calmness and sanity in all the chaos. To impress people. To ascertain growth. To make ends meet. To enjoy. To plan. To survive. To frutify. To live.

That’s adulthood for you. It sucks but gotta hang in there.